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Sketchbook (2021)


For Compère, Piano, E. Guitar, Cello, Percussion,

Diffused Audio, Video, and Staging

Duration: c. 80-100 minutes

Commissioned by K!ART Ensemble


MINU_festival_for_expanded_music, Sketchbook,

Christianshavns Beboerhus, 21/11/21 (premiere)


Performed by K!ART (Mikkel Schou, Iiris Tötterström,

Hsiao Tung Yuan, Rob Durnin) & Michael Hope

Sketchbook, Musikhuset Aarhus, 02/04/22

Sketchbook, KoncertKirken, 05/04/22 

Performed by K!ART (Mikkel Schou, Ida Nørby,

Hsiao Tung Yuan, Rob Durnin) & Michael Hope

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*danceD (2020-21)


For Flute (dbl. Piccolo) , Clarinet (dbl. Bass Clarinet), Piano,

Cello, Two Performers, Playback, Lights, and Slide Projector

Duration: c. 30 minutes


The Real Imitation,  Musikhuset Aarhus, 03/11/21 (premiere)

Performed by Johanne Buus Andersen (Flute), Joss Smith (Bb Clarinet, Mathilde Schelin (Bass Clarinet, Maria Eshpai (Piano), Malthe Volfing Højager (Cello), Noemi Schrader (Performer)

& Michael Hope (Projectionist)

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Johann_____You (2019-20)


For Chamber Orchestra

Duration: c. 14 minutes

Commissioned by Aarhus Sinfonietta 


Panorama Festival: Århus Sinfonietta+,

Skt Lukas Kirke Aarhus, 15/11/20 (premiere)

Performed by Aarhus Sinfonietta & students from

Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium

Conducted by Rei Munakata

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Born/Again (2019)


For Solo Piano, Video and Playback

Duration: c.15 minutes


Pulsar Festival 2023, with and without strings,

Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium, 10/03/23


Spectres of _______, Christianshavns Beboerhus, 20/11/21


Pulsar Festival 2020, Current Resonance,

Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium, 11/03/20

Current Resonance Festival «3» Born/Again____,

Musikhuset Aarhus, 24/10/19 (premiere)

All performed by Michael Hope

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Six videos of alt-right propaganda but

each time a millennial gets offended

the distortion increases by 4% (2018-19)


For Amplified Clarinet in B-flat, Trombone, Drum Kit,

Electric Piano, Cello, Electronics, and Video

Duration: c. 18 minutes


Ung Nordisk Musik 2021: The Voice,

Musikhuset Aarhus, 14/08/21

Performed by Joss Smith (Clarinet), Christian Tscherning Larsen (Trombone), Lorenzo Colombo (Drum Kit), Fei Nei (Electric Piano), & Malthe Volfing Højager (Cello) 


Panorama Festival 2019 Kaleidoscope II,

Musikhuset Aarhus, 09/03/19 (premiere)

Performed by Joss Smith (Clarinet), Mette Nielsen (Trombone),

Carl David Österberg (Drum Kit), Sofus Preisel (Electric Piano),

& Maria Kolby Sonstad (Cello) 

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Regnklang: A Survey of Rain Sounds (2019)


For Guitar, Alto Saxophone, Playback, and live ‘Rain’

Duration: 18 minutes

Commissioned by Duo Regnklang and AUT


Ocean of Sound #5: Viral Spiral + CR Hougaard + Hyper Amplified, Radar, 06/12/20

Performed by Anja Nedremo (Alto Saxophone)

& Jakob Bangsø (Guitar)


Current Resonance «2»,

Musikhuset Aarhus 24/08/19 (premiere)

Performed by Elisa Lapan (Alto Saxophone)

& Tobias Krebs (Guitar)

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Version 1 (Esbjerg Edition) (2019)


For changeable ensemble

Duration: N/A


Esbjerg Ensemble Workshopkoncert,

Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, 10/05/19 (premiere)

Performed by Esbjerg Ensemble & Michael Hope

helpful smAAaAck/comBbiNnEedD sSlurp (2018/21)


For Two Pairs of Performers and Objects

Duration: 9 minutes


Double Duos, Metronomen, Copenhagen, 20/06/22

Double Duos, Dokk 1, Aarhus, 24/06/22 

Performed by Current Resoncance


Nordic Saxophone Festival 2019, Musikhuset Aarhus, 14/04/19

Performed by Kevin Shen & Michael Hope


Panorama @ SPLAB, Jutland Art Academy, 08/03/19 (premiere)

Performed by Dylan Richards & Michael Hope

"They Rolled and Rolled like the Sea" (2017)


For Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Piano and Orchestra

Duration: c. 10 minutes


Brand New Day Concert,

Royal Northern College of Music, 27/04/17 (premiere)

Performed by Isobel Williams (Alto Saxophone), Aaron Breeze (Piano), Elizabeth Brightwell-Gibbons (Percussion)

& the Brand New Day Orchestra

Conducted by Tom Goff

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Failure Means a Drowning Death (2017)


For Solo Piano and 12 Stage Hands

Duration: c. 20 minutes

Commissioned by Aaron Breeze


Exposure Piano Recital,

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 14/11/16 (premiere)

Performed by Aaron Breeze

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On His Hands (2014/2017)


For Solo Guitar

Duration: c. 20 minutes

Commissioned by Owen Bunting


Composer’s Concert, Royal Northern College of Music,

07/06/17 (premiere)

Performed by Owen Bunting

The Glory of the Human Voice (2017)


For Diffused Electronics

Duration: c. 7 minutes


DIEM Elektro: Sound Diffusion Concert,

Musikhuset Aarhus, 14/02/19 (premiere)

Diffused Live by Michael Hope

What You Hear Is Not A Test (2017)


For Big Band

Duration: c. 5 minutes


RNCM Jazz Collective Concert,

Royal Northern College of Music, 12/05/17 (premiere)

Performed by the RNCM Jazz Collective

Conducted by Mike Hall

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Wither (2016)


For Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Celesta, Violin, Viola and Cello

Duration: c. 9 minutes

Commissioned by New Music North West


New Music North West,

Royal Northern College of Music, 28/01/16 (premiere)

Performed by the RNCM New Ensemble

Dublinesque (2015)


For Soprano Soloist and String Orchestra

Duration: c. 7 minutes


Brand New Day Concert,

Royal Northern College of Music, 08/10/15 (premiere)

Performed by Joanna Harries (Soloist)

& the Brand New Day Orchestra 

Conducted by Adam Kornas

Recordings Available on Request

klang//farben//melodie (2020)


For Diffused Audio & Video

Duration: 12 minutes (3x 4 minutes)


MINU_festival_for_expanded_music, Modern Cinema, Cinemateket, Copenhagen, 30/11/21

Modern Cinema, Musikhuset Aarhus, 09/06/21 (premiere)

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This Girl Will Dream of Sleep

(Installation Version) (2017/19)


For Electronics and ‘Scene’

Duration: c. 90 minutes


RAMA Festival 2019 30/03/19, Musikhuset Aarhus (premiere)


Into the Mudflats (2016)


For Soprano Soloist, Violin, Bassoon, Percussion and Piano

Duration: c. 8 minutes

Text by Mark Pajak


Rosamund Prize Concert,

Royal Northern College of Music, 25/04/16 (premiere)

Fresh, For the Opening of the Morning’s Eye (2015)

For Saxophone Quartet

Duration: c. 5 minutes


RNCM Chamber Music Festival,

Royal Northern College of Music, 06/03/16 (premiere)

Carousels on Route 50 (2015)

For Flute, Alto Saxophone, Violin and Cello

Duration: c. 5 minutes

…but it moved too fast (2014)

For Brass Quartet

(Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone Horn, Euphonium)

Duration: c. 5 minutes

Silent Fires (2014)

For Flute, Oboe, Alto Saxophone and String Trio

Duration: c. 5 minutes

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